AdultFriendFinder Hookup Tutorial 2022 – Best Review and Tips 

Top facts about AdultFriendFinder hookups and how to use it. Pros and cons of AFF app and site, ways to get laid and more casual sex tips from sex positive folks 


Among other platforms for sex positive people, AdultFriendFinder is unique in its own way. It has been one of the leaders, and unites over 80 million of active members worldwide, which is impressive. 

Its another specialty is swinger matching over other kinks presented. Couples mostly register to exchange partners and share experience. However, this adult site serves for many other needs too. 

www adultfriendfinder com

Popular and well promoted, AdultFriendFinder com is nicely organized and alluring enough. The main page is engaging with its red-and-black color, multiple hot webcam girls on the photos and videos. 

What is the most surprising, AFF users do not seem to join just to stay there and see and keep silent. On the opposite, they take a part in all kinds of online activities and visit daily. 

Members activity vs other adult sites 

Pure  67%
DoubleList 79%
Ashley Madison  54%
Fling 81%
AdultFriendFinder 92%

This site surpasses such hookup giants as Pure or DoubleList. Indeed, AdultFriendFinder users are interested and determined to stay active to the fullest, and the team does everything for that. 

It is affected by the fact that AdultFriendFinder is equally open for all niches and subcultures, also, both for anonymous and out-of-the-closet users. While Pure and DoubleList are for secretive hookups

AdultFriendFinder Login

Logging in on AdultFriendFinder is as easy as you used to see it in the 90s. It’s just a classical field to fill at the upper right corner of the main page where sexy chicks keep on winking at you

One just types his chosen nickname, password, and voila, he can start searching a casual match online. No special requirements are set conserning the password, it can be short and simple as well. 

When logging in for the first time, make sure to adjust these settings for the further usage. 

  • Man 
  • Woman
  • M & W Couple
  • W & W Couple 
  • M & M Couple 
  • Group 
  • TS/TG/TV

Sometimes, the better choice is less obvious. For instance, if you want to surprise your partner with a threesome, log in as a couple not as a sole person. Then set up your search preferences. 

Choose the legit login nickname, experts recommend, in order to increase the trust rate and find hookups quicker. Try to indicate in it your sexual preferences, like mike_dominant etc.  

AdultFriendFinder mobile

Most people nowadays like using the phone app over the desktop version, even at work or at home. Seekers who are gamers, particularly, reported they keep the monitor for games and the phone for chatting. 

AdultFriendFinder gives such an opportunity by offering a great app as high-rated as the site is. Here are just a few best advantages of the phone application for adult meetings and chat

  1. Available both on Android and iOs. 
  2. Free to use. 
  3. Live stream watching any time. 
  4. Public chatroom for FWB and events search.
  5. Sex Academy and blog. 
  6. Tips and Gifts. 

Everything in this system is highly motivating for the users. They can both arrange the real meeting with instant sex and flirt virtually with the hottest webcam models, which is awesome. 

Although the AdultFriendFinder is highly focused on female beauty and sexiness, male models and escorts can apply too. There are a few niches for them and a chance to get good tips too. 

AdultFriendFinder com Reviews

Comparing to other kinky dating sites, AdultFriendFinder is mostly getting positive reviews. It happens thanks to the quick results that users achieve, and lots of successful hookups they arrange

“As a sex positive person, I wanted some wider horizons for my activities”, Chuck from NYS says. “Not all adult platforms actually provide this. AdultFriendFinder has all tools for active kinky pickup. 

Although isn’t divided into many fetish sections, it makes the search process easy. I manage to get laid daily if I’m in the right mood. Otherwise, I just enjoy virtual sex and kinky webcam girls”. 

“A positive moment for me is that many real models and club dancers are on AdultFriendFinder”, Rick from Phoenix says. “You can tip them in advance before you go to the club.

If generous and insistent enough, you get recognized after and discounted for a private stuff. Even escort girls would charge you less if they’re in your AdultFriendFinder contact list”. 

AdultFriendFinder iOs

It’s no surprise AdultFriendFinder for Apple is the most popular vs the desktop or Android version. Sex positive culture is wide spread in progressive urban areas where people use iPhones. 

Its main advantages explain why AFF is often chosen over other adult dating platforms. 

  • Encrypted app. AdultFriendFinder is certified by GoDaddy with extra protection. 
  • Rarely glitchy. With millions of members, it may have bugs but quite moderately. 
  • Strong ID confirmation. Unlike other adult apps, this one suggests to verify. 
  • NSA concept. There’s a guarantee none users require a commitment, it’s a relief. 
  • Multiple genders. A modern gender-fluid attitude is LGBTQ friendly. 

These favorable conditions for contemporary hookups online attract thousands of new members daily. It’s also a reason why AdultFriendFinder iOs is highly appreciated by the experts. 

Is AdultFriendFinder com legit

There are different opinions on whether AdultFriendFinder com is legit. After a thorough research, we discovered there’s never more than 12-15 percent of the fraudulent profiles. 

It’s basically easy to spot them and to eventually report. Here are the categories of scam to stay away from, as specialists analyze. Once you identify the category, you know how to avoid. 

  1. Catfishers. Using hot people’s photos is frequent. Just reject too professional ones. 
  2. Overpriced escort. Always make sure there’s no bloody boss behind their back. 
  3. Bailing on. It’s when they set up a hookup date and never appear. Discuss precisely. 
  4. Money askers. Never send any pre-payments or support to complete strangers. 
  5. Parameter liars. Some thots hide their real age, shapes parameters, the hair length. 

AdultFriendFinder is considered generally safe and scam-free. The danger, if any, comes from a huge quantity of members and some very old profiles registered a decade ago. 

Once some profile seems or sounds suspicious to you, do not hesitate to report it. But the site team itself doesn’t play with users, those are adult dating specialists interested in members’ success. 

How much does AdultFriendFinder cost

The app is medium priced charging the most common $39.95 a month. The budget-friendly option is to pay for 12 months at once which makes $19.95 a month. Can be used for free as basic.

Some people prefer completely free hookup apps, for obvious reasons. While others think fairly priced adult platforms are more reasonable. Here is what real users say. 

“AdultFriendFinder is worthy of each penny for its strong customer support. Other sex positive sites just don’t care about the users, it’s not their business whether we are comforted or not. 

On this platform I feel safe and at ease, each request of mine is quickly processed and resolved. Plus, they check if the girls are real and what they actually translate on their webcams”. 

“I honestly hate free adult dating sites since nothing is guaranteed there. The member base is often vast but of such a low quality, with cheap escorts and BBW everywhere who I’m not fond of. 

AdultFriendFinder is different, it starts and ends with the most gorgeous females in the West. Some offer their commercial services and others are local hookup thots just wanting fun, it’s my cup of tea”.

How real is AdultFriendFinder 

Taking that a source exists since 1990s, and became legendary in some states, it is doing pretty well and can be called very real. Hot girls know they can indeed find any big fish they want. 

It motivates them to look seductive and feminine, despite the latest tendencies in fashion and culture. They’re also committed to perform great in a bed being aware of the competition. 

Let’s be clear, being real means bringing plenty of hookups to most men. And yes, AdultFriendFinder does that. Here is the percent of real meetings for sex vs other popular sites. 

  • Ashley Madison – 33%
  • Xmatch – 35%
  • Pure – 81%
  • Alt – 47%
  • AdultFriendFinder – 89%

It’s surely a high percent for an app where half of members strive to remain anonymous and some webcam girls are shady. The mutual determination to meet in real is very strong, still. 

How good is AdultFriendFinder 

It is getting obvious the answer to this question depends on location. The app is meant for the US, and offers a big variety in big populous cities. Thanks to its popularity, it has a member base out of US too. 

One should realize he has more chances to get laid in urban areas, even of there’s the need to travel a bit. So, AdultFriendFinder is good for sex tourism and international adult dating. 

Member structure on AFF

  1. US – 64 mln 
  2. Canada – 8 mln 
  3. UK – 12 mln 
  4. Latin America – 28 mln
  5. Eastern Europe – 9 mln

If there’s even a possibility to hook up with a Russian girl on AdultFriendFinder, why not to join it? Some serve within their own country while others studying or working in US, which is convenient. 

Such a varied female assortment differs AdultFriendFinder from similar hookup sites, and makes it a leader. Not bad for a platform created decades ago with the old-fashioned interface. 

How to get laid on AFF

Each popular hookup site has its best strategy for finding a sex partner. AdultFriendFinder isn’t an exception. There is a blog with the most effective pickup lines suggested, and tips from the users. 

Since the female base mostly consists of call girls and sugar babies, it makes sense to test them and meet the most genuine or moderately priced ones. Here is what male members recommend. 

“Things are pretty clear and easy on AdultFriendFinder”, Patrick from San Antonio says. “First, it’s LGBT friendly. So do not be a dinosaur who expects plain and boring vanilla hookups. 

Instead, explore a person’s profile, ask them directly about their sexual preferences. Once it is set up, see whether you want the same, and do not forget to try new fetishes and kinks each time you hook up”.

“I have my own AFF lifehack and it always works”, Darrel from Philadelphia says. “Ask a girl which sex toys she has and works with. Also ask her to tell for what this or that toy is. 

You’ll easily see what’s on her mind. Whether she’s an amateur, a professional escort, or a silly gold digger who just pretends to be skilled. Then go from there and choose the kinkiest ones”.

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